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CRM for research participants

One central database for all your research participant interaction. Upload a CSV or dynamically sort and filter segments based on screener responses, incentive payment history, and much more.

  • Track, schedule, pay and manage participants
  • Opt-out and opt-in management
  • Segments and tags that update dynamically
  • Upload a CSV, use opt-ins, or Ethnio screeners with custom mapping from any source
  • Customizable email distributions and track opens, clicks, etc

Track interviews, screeners, spending, and more

See every type of activity for a given participant across all studies, screeners, uploads, and sources. Track your participants across multiple studies, surveys, incentives, and every point of communication. This means when anyone from your team schedules or pays a participants, it will show up here. Covering:

  • Incentive spending across all studies and team members
  • Completed interviews both from automatic scheduling and if you have marked someone manually
  • Email history so you know every interaction your team has with participants

GDPR compliance, privacy controls, data expiration, and more

Full control over how and where P.I.I. for research participants is stored.

Advanced filters

Easily construct filters from any screener question ever, or any CSV upload ever. Add boolean and/or logic, and save the whole thing as a Segment for easy future use.

  • Intuitive filters tailored to your research
  • Isolate subset of data based on fields such as email history, bounced, completed an interview, and paid
  • Compounding filters search with more specific control by adding a filter over another filter

Dynamic segments

Easily save any combination of filters for you or your team to use. They update dynamically, so within seconds of someone filling out a screener or uploading a CSV, if they match your segment criteria, they will appear.

  • Collaborate online with instant updates
  • Manage segments across all your research
  • Organized segments with result totals highlighted as a quick and easy summary

Great for large teams of researchers

Supports unlimited researchers, coordinators, research operations staff, stakeholders, and more

How do people get into the pool? Sources.

You can use anything from a global research opt-in page to a recruiting agency to an existing Qualtrics survey to an Ethnio web intercept. See all those sources in one place. Using email as the unique identifier, Pool tracks and unifies all responses and opt-outs in one place.

  • Upload your own list of participants from your marketing team or internal DB of users
  • Recruiting vendor or agency can be given locked down access to Ethnio using team permissions
  • Triggers, Screener links, web intercepts, or app intercepts from Ethnio automatically appear in pool
  • Qualtrics, Salesforce, or any other tool you can export to CSV and import into Pool. API integrations also available if you'd like to automate workflow (requires an additional integration package)
re + ops

ResearchOps and team workflow

House and manage your research panel with flexible workflows for your researchers, stakeholders, and vendors, all while staying in compliance for your organization and industry. Go, re+ops, go.

  • Flexible growth with your team - add or remove seats, change plan limits, and unlimited onboarding
  • Track which team member contacts participants, and from what source, and when
  • Compliance, reporting, and governance - set data expiration, manage P.I.I.
  • Global spending limits and incentive tracking - if you use Incentives
  • Get metrics on opens, bounces, clicks, completes, in order to improve conversion and workflow
  • Phone screen & notes - call potential participants straight from Ethnio and update status
  • Participant-facing input / opt-in that you can customize - allow sign up as part of Screeners

Cross-department workflow

Work with your marketing, customer success, sales, or engineering teams to take their lists of participants and get them into Pool for research invites, scheduling, tracking, and payment.

Send personalized email distributions

Send emails to pool members from a segment or selection and personalize every aspect. You can even choose a random subset, or the first block out of any selected group.

  • Track opens, clicks and bounce rate
  • Full control over HTML email templates so you can send responsive emails or plain text
  • View lists and status of all email distributions and keep on top of all your activity
  • Email a random subset or first X members of any group

Integrated with the Ethnio universe

Pool tracks every type of activity in other parts of Ethnio and lets you filter and segment based on any past scheduling, incentive, or screener response data.

Enterprise Security, Privacy, SSO/SAML 2.0, and more

Want to transmit via SSL? Ethnio supports whatever protocol you’d like, and we only have access to data stored in your screeners for support issues. We’ve been audited in detail for security by companies ranging from Facebook to Oracle. You can read in detail about our security in this PDF.

Security Overview

Opt-outs & opt-ins

You probably have multiple sources of opt-ins, maybe some in Qualtrics, maybe a global research sign up form, and maybe some from a recruiting vendor. Get them all in one place and tracked.

  • Upload a CSV with opted out emails from any other source in your organization
  • Opt-in from any other tool via CSV upload, or automatically see opt-ins from Ethnio screener links or intercepts
  • Opt-outs import from email marketing tools like qualtrics

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at info@ethn.io or call (888) 879 7439

Updating rocket

Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at info@ethn.io or call (888) 879 7439

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at info@ethn.io or call (888) 879 7439

Updating rocket

Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at info@ethn.io or call (888) 879 7439